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About Us

We are not a Internet Service Provider..
We dedicate our Bandwidth and Servers strictly for
Web Page Hosting and are serviced by multiple T1 Internet Connections.  
      Myrtle Beach Webs is a member in good standing of the HTML Writers Guild, International Webmasters Association and I-Escrow Financial Services. Myrtle Beach Webs does not allow Pornographic, Hategroups, Mp3’s or Warez Web Sites, termination of these types of sites are immediate and final.

Why does your business need Web Presence ask

Web Hosting Plans and Services available:

*Registering your own Domain:
          Get a Internet Presence
           (Ex. www.yourcompany.com)  

¤ Internic Setup and Registration $70.00 first two years
¤ Site research, domain development, and filing $25.00
¤ Domain Transfers and DSN parking $ 35.00
¤ Domains will be registered under your ownership,
¤ Internic payment must be paid directly to Internic, (Direct Domain Ownership)
 ¤Note this does not include a host plan.

*Host Services Include

Maintenance and Servicing of your Web Site:

Server Setup with Cgi-Bins for Forms Plus

Free Graphical Counters and Guest Book

FTP-Access Authorization  and FrontPage Extensions Installed

Site Searches and Internet Mail Client

Shopping Cart and Mini Webs

Discussion Boards and Games

Email Forwarding and Auto-Responders

One Basic Update by MBW per-month if required

Manual Submission to 10 most popular Internet Search Engines

Meta Tag Scripting for Search Engine Robots

Web Hosting Plans

Plan A - Registered Domain Plan  

Plan B - Sub-Domain Plan  

Plan C - Web Page Host Plan  

* Plan A - Registered Domain:  

¤Registered Domain $ 35.00 per month
¤Host Services
¤1 Master pop3 Mailbox  
¤Unlimited (configurable) E-mail aliasing anythingyouwant@.yourcompany.com)  
¤5 MB Dedicated Web Space
¤MS FrontPage Extensions
¤Initial Setup Fee $25.00
¤ (Example): www.yourcompany.com)

*Plan B - Sub Domain Plan:

¤Sub-Domain $ 25.00 per month
¤Host Services
¤Unlimited (configurable) E-mail aliasing
¤3 MB Dedicated Web Space
¤MS FrontPage Extensions
¤Initial Setup Fee $25.00
¤(Example A: http://yourname.myrtlebeachwebs.com)  or
¤(Example B: http://myrtlebeachwebs.com/yourname)  

*Plan C- Web Page Host  

¤Web-Page Host $ 15.00
¤Host Services
¤Unlimited (configurable) E-mail aliasing
¤1 MB Dedicated Web Space
¤MS FrontPage Extensions
¤Initial Setup Fee $15.00
¤(Example A: anything@yourname.myrtlebeachwebs.com/)  

When you become a member of the Myrtle Beach Webs you
will share in a Added Value Community System.

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