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If you have a product or service that can be mail-ordered, you can offer that product or service online for a fraction of the cost of print advertising!
If you have a service that can only be provided at your business location, your website can generate leads at a fraction of the cost of print advertising.
If you want to market your business World Wide, the Internet and your own website can do it.
If you want to keep contact with long distance customers at little or no cost you need a website.
Reduced costs is good business. Your website can cut costs and increase your profit margin., and that's the "Bottom Line"
Electronic Marketing
An auto-responder can email catalogues, product descriptions, any type of company information - with no help from you or your employees. Keep your employees off the phone and delivers the same information fast and without costing you a dime.
A shopping cart on a secure server can sell your product night and day, verifying credit cards, depositing the money in your bank, and emailing the orders to you for shipping - all automatically.
Visitors to your site can be contacted on a regular basis via email to notify them of new products, sales and promotions - and you save postage, stamps, and precious time.
A Discussion Board gives your customer and you a way to exchange feedback, resolve issues and answer questions in a public forum on line, a frequently asked questions bulletin board, that may assist others save you and your employees from answering recurring questions and the input on what is displayed is controlled by you.
A counter can tell you how many visitors you have had because once your on the web your business never closes. Forms can assist your customers in requesting products, services, and even allow you to take surveys about what they are looking for and how you can improve your services.

Myrtle Beach Webs is ready to put your Business online with a Web Site that presents your product(s) or service beautifully and effectively. That means:

A Web Site easy to navigate around in
Pages that load fast are easily read
Graphics of high quality that load quickly,
Custom designs to project your company's unique image
Custom Controls that keep up with Web Technology
A Full service user friendly E-Commerce Site.

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